Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. You face challenges that other people don’t even realize exist on a daily basis. Luckily, the pioneers of entrepreneurship have slowly but steadily developed a network of websites that every entrepreneur should be aware of.


AngelList is a U.S.-based website that brings entrepreneurs, angel investors, and job seekers together since 2010. Startups can post their job offers which job-seekers can easily browse by using the wide variety of job filters.


If you’re interested in software development, GitHub should be your first stop. It’s the world’s leading platform in the niche, providing plans for both private and public repositories. Entrepreneurs can easily post code, manage their existing projects or build new ones.


Crowdfunding is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs who are looking for investors. Indiegogo’s platform allows you to easily publish your project and access millions of potential investors from around the world.


Growth hacking is a valuable process designed to rapidly identify and initiate the most efficient techniques for growing a business based on the niche it operates in and its targeted audience. GrowthHackers specializes in this process and offers a free consultation for every entrepreneur looking to further grow his business.

Free images & mockups

Entrepreneurs should always have access to high-quality media files, such as photos, images, and videos. There are hundreds of paid-for websites that provide these kinds of files, but there are also hundreds of free ones available. UnSplash and MockUpWorld offer the best of both worlds for the savvy entrepreneur.


One of the leading freelancer platforms available on today’s market, PeoplePerHour provides solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to outsource their problems to freelancers. Entrepreneurs can post their job, accompanied by a job description and select one or multiple freelancers that apply.


Similar to PeoplePerHour, UpWork provides an extensive network of freelancers that are ready to take problems off of the shoulders of entrepreneurs. Posting a job is an easy task. The platform provides enough services to ensure that you can award the job to the most competent freelancer.


Owned by LinkedIn, SlideShare offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to host and save their presentations online, enabling them to use them anywhere around the globe without having to worry about storage and safety. PPT, PDF, KeyNote, and OpenDocument formats are currently compatible with the service.


Meetup takes conventional social networking and takes it to a more personal level. Through their website, entrepreneurs can freely organize offline meetings anywhere in the world. Groups on Meetup are formed based on varying common interests.


Think of Alltop as the search engine for global and local news. Anything you may want to find out about the current events happening in a specific country or city, Alltop has you covered. This is a great tool for entrepreneurs who want to stay up-to-date with the latest global events.


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