Marketing is a dark art, part science – part story. Get it right and the rewards can be limitless. Get it wrong and your business or product can fail before it’s even had a chance to succeed. Traditionally good marketing required the fundamentals: a marketing team, a healthy budget, an understanding of the product, customer and landscape and a holistic plan to execute against your business goals. This is no small feat, and as a result numerous great business and products have failed at the first hurdle because they couldn’t get their brand and values across to their target market.

What’s changed?

So, you may be asking what’s changed? Customers have become even more discerning and harder / more expensive to reach in modern times right? Well, you would be half right and to perform traditional marketing strategies and plans in today’s climate is indeed a tough ask – especially for smaller businesses. However, recently we have been seeing a steady rise in the emergence of automated marketing as a viable challenger to the traditional model.

What is automated marketing?

Well, automated marketing concentrates on automating some of the simple or repetitive actions that currently fall within your marketing activities. For example, think about auto-responder emails, mail merges and other bulk activities that promote your business to all your customers as a group, instead of individually – saving you time and money as well as providing a consistent customer experience.

What is Social Media automated marketing?

Bringing intelligent rule based automated activities into your social media marketing. Below we have highlighted the possibilities of what can be done and how it can help your business.

Auto Follow – We allow you to auto follow the top profiles for your brand, market and competitors thus allowing you to connect and share your brand with the most relevant people!

Auto Favourite – We allow you to auto favourite posts containing key words that are relevant to your business. When the author sees that you have favourited their post this usually leads to them viewing your profile and thanking you for the action et voila a dialogue has been opened.

Auto Post / Tweet – We allow you to post or RT the most trending and popular content for your area. Thus allowing you to keep active and relevant to your audience whilst becoming recognized as a brand that shares good content.

Auto DM – We allow you to create and tailor automated DM messages. This will allow you to send a message to everyone that follows you in which you can start the lead nurturing process and turn strangers into potential clients.

Why you need automated social media marketing

Using these automated marketing tools correctly allows you to keep a constant, relevant and focused social media presence 24/7 without the need for any staff or expensive agencies. You can set up the rules and your preferences and then get on with other activities, safe in the knowledge that your social media activity is working to increase your followers, awareness, engagements and lead generation. Use this as a stand-alone marketing strategy or in conjunction with your traditional or existing marketing activities.

Whatever your business and whatever your industry can you afford not to be using automated marketing?

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