Take control of your social media. Marketing automation isn’t a new concept. It has been used to great effect in the more traditional forms of marketing for the past decade. Companies like Marketo and Infusion Soft have created wonderfully useful platforms and tools that help businesses attract, nurture and manage their leads through web and email marketing flows.

However, the past decade has also seen a shift away from traditional marketing forms to social media. Consumers now want to be informed, sold and serviced to on their preferred channel meaning social media marketing is something that businesses have to pay attention to in the digital era.

Social media marketing is by its very nature “always on”, and this causes some issues. It is incredibly time consuming, manual and repetitive. Businesses struggle to remain interesting, engaging and active and often see their efforts yielding poor results.

Social media marketing automation looks to address these issues by helping businesses create a strong, active and engaging foundation on social media. Social media marketing automation aims to automate the necessary but resource heavy activities such as following the right people, engaging with the right content, sourcing news and sharing interesting stories.

Based on insights about a brand’s market, customers and competitors businesses can set up automation rules based on improving their social media performance 24/7 without the effort.

Here are just 5 reasons why businesses should use social media marketing automation:

  1. It will save you time, money and effort. Social media marketing automation will allow you to intelligently set up rules that mirror and enhance your current social activities and goals and will run in the background 24/7 working for your brand without any of the effort or resource currently required
  2. It will improve your social media marketing. Not only does social media marketing automation reduce a businesses’ workload by automating existing marketing activities but it improves them by basing the rules on market intelligence and by being able to perform more actions and more research than a human being could ever achieve.
  3. It will increase your audience, engagements and lead generation KPIs. Social media marketing automation allows you to be super targeted, intelligent and active. This in turn will ensure a growth across all your key metrics.
  4. It will allow you to measure, compare and improve. Social media marketing automation (using Sociolus) gives you the ability to track your competitors’ performance as well so you can see how you compare, what effects the automation is having and where necessary tweak to drive improvements.
  5. It will provide structure and create the foundation for a strong conversion funnel. By using social media automation to build brand awareness, drive customer engagements, source and share interesting content a brand will be able to move leads into their sales or conversion funnel with little to no effort. They can then spend time creating custom content or messaging to move them further down the conversion funnel.

Social media marketing automation will do for social media what automated emails have done for email/web marketing. It will provide brands and marketers with the tools to bulk manage leads and push more customers through the sales funnel.

It will free up enormous time and resources currently being spent to manage social media profiles and allow marketers and brand owners to concentrate on other more important and custom requirements.

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