WordPress is already a very versatile platform. When paired with virtually limitless plugins, it just gets better. Here are the 25 most important and recommended plugins for your WordPress website:

All in One SEO + Social Media Addon

The perfect choice for novice bloggers and webmasters. The free version has everything you’ll need at first and you can upgrade to the pro version at a later date. With the addon you can integrate all your favorite social media buttons with one click.

Yoast SEO

WordPress already has many functionalities by default, but there’s always room for improvement. Yoast SEO keeps its main focus on helping you create better content.

Ninja Forms

Forms are a great way of attracting new clients, increasing your website’s conversion rates, creating mailing lists, and much more. There’s no reason not to have this plugin.

BJ Lazy Load

Loading speeds is a crucial part of Google’s page ranking algorithm. Having a fast-loading website will help you reach the top search results faster.

Sucuri Scanner

Malware and security breaches can be easily defended against by installing this plugin. A safe website brings in more clients.

WP Statistics

Numbers are your friends when it comes to running an online website. Having a good grasp of your website’s statistics is a great way of moving forward.

Duplicate Post

Duplicating a page or a post doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It can be easily done by installing this plugin and following a few basic steps.

Simple Customs CSS

Most WordPress themes and plugins come with their own CSS styles. With this plugin, you can change the CSS styles to your liking.

W3 Total Cache

Caching plays an important role in website and performance optimization. This plugin uses multiple integrated caching services such as CDN and Minify to enhance your website.

Contact Form 7

Contact forms are a great solution to increase interaction with your users. Simply create a new contact form and add it to your posts.


Opt-in forms are a great way of attracting new customers. The plugin offers 18 different designs that you can further edit before publishing.

Smush It

One of the best free plugins that can optimize and compress the images that you publish on your WordPress website.

Open External Links to New Tab

With this plugin, you can set external links to open in a new tab, while also being able to add rel attributes such as ‘nofollow’ and ‘noopener’.


Switching from PHP to SMTP delivers a more reliable and safe way to send and receive emails. The plugin offers a wide variety of options that can be changed according to your needs.

ALL Import / ALL Export

These are actually two plugins that make it easier for you to import and export XML and CSV files to your WordPress website.

Revolution Slider

Sliders are a great asset if you’re trying to create a more dynamic and interactive website. It’s not free, but it comes with a ton of features.

Real Time Find And Replace

With a functionality that’s less intuitive than other plugins, this one is able to both code and content from a page before it reaches your user’s browser.

Use Any Font

If you’re trying to add more style to your website, this is the right solution for you. Beginners and advanced users alike can easily change the font of their text with a few clicks of a button.

Visual Composer

Hundreds of websites are integrating showcases into their main pages. A well placed showcase can easily increase conversion rates.

Wordfence Security

Security is of utmost importance. This plugin offers a wide variety of services, including a firewall, log-in security, and real-time threat blocking.

Popup Maker

Popups are a great method of convincing your visitors to turn into purchasing customers. This plugin offers the possibility to create all kinds of popups.

Floating Social Bar

Social media shares can easily increase the incoming traffic of your website. What better way to increase social media interaction than by having a floating social bar?

Disqus Commenting

By replacing the default WordPress comment system, Disqus offers a wide variety of features, including RSS options, email notifications, and smart spam filtering

XML Generator

Indexing can make or break a website. An XML sitemap tells the indexing bot everything it needs to know about your website’s content and allows it to properly index it.

P3 Plugin Profiler

If you’re running multiple plugins on your website, they might be causing slower loading times. This plugin offers valuable data regarding the performance of your plugins.

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